Telecommunications Quality Management System (TLQMS) TL 9000 Training Courses

Telecommunications Quality Management System (TLQMS) TL 9000 Training Courses

In 1998 QuEST Forum developed the TL 9000 quality management system (QMS) to meet the
supply chain quality requirements of the worldwide communications industry. TL 9000 is a
quality management system built on ISO 9001 and the eight quality principles, but designed
specifically for the communications industry. The purpose of TL 9000 is to define the unique
communications quality system requirements for design, development, production, delivery, and
service. In addition, it specifies measurements for companies to help evaluate the effectiveness
of quality implementation and improvement programs. TL 9000 provides value and benefits
across the total spectrum of disciplines (Buyers, Suppliers, Service Providers) by providing a
consistent set of quality expectations that parallel rapid technology changes and customer
The quality system requirements are detailed in the published TL 9000 Quality Management
System Requirements Handbook. What sets TL 9000 apart from any other QMS is the
measurement performance data requirement. The measurement data is intended to identify
opportunities for improvement within the life-cycle and to benchmark performance as compared
to suppliers of similar product.

What is TL 9000?

TL 9000 defines the quality management system (QMS) requirements for design, development, production and service provision for the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry.

The TL 9000 standard was developed by and for the ICT industry in 1999 to drive consistency in the quality of products and services down the supply chain through the implementation of a common body of QMS requirements (built on top of ISO 9001) and defined performance-based measurements.

The expected benefits include improved organizational performance, overall cost reduction, increased competitiveness, enhanced customer-organization-supplier relationships, and continual improvement of products and services.

TL 9000 benefits to organizations

Implementing and certifying a quality management system based on TL 9000 can result in a number of benefits, including:

  • Faster, better, and more cost-effective services for your customers
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Improved employee morale
  • Wider market opportunities
  • Increased profits
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Better use of time and resources
  • Opportunities for continual improvement

Megademi offers a cost effective way of achieving TL 9000 training that minimizes disruption to your day to day business activities.

Why should you attend one of our TL 9000 training courses?

As a global provider of training services, Megademi will help you become a successful anti-bribery consultant, auditor, or implementation/auditing team member.

  • TL 9000 Foundation training course is appropriate for entry-level professionals who want to acquire a clause-by-clause overview of requirements.
  • TL 9000 Internal Auditor is a two-day training course that will enable you to acquire the necessary competencies to implement, operate, maintain, and continually improve an TLQMS based on TL9000.
  • TL 9000 Lead Auditor is a five-day training course that allows you to obtain the necessary capabilities to audit an TLQMS against the criteria established by TL9000, based on the good practices and guidelines and requirements for auditing management systems outlined by ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021-1.

Why choose Megademi?

Internationally recognized, Megademi / Exemplar training certifications represent peer recognition and demonstrate your professional capabilities. Our TL 9000 Lead Auditor, TL 9000 Internal Auditor and Foundation certificates are accredited by Exemplar Global. The Exemplar Global Accreditation Mark provides additional value to the certificate and allows you to capitalize on the worldwide recognition that Exemplar holds.

How do I get started with TL 9000 Training?

MEGADEMI is excited to welcome you to our global network. We will assist you throughout the entire process in order to offer you a worthwhile experience.

Contact us to start with the first step!

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